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Anger  management
Today i thought of writing about anger...i think everyone of us goes through it at some point of our lives..when people gets angry they get so impulsive that broken glasses,smashing up of doors(with ah bumpp sound),running tears through rosy cheeks,yelling out unapologetic words,bleeding nose,severe headaches(as someone is cracking your head with a hammer) are the some of the ways in which anger can be described..ANGER is a DEVIL which sometimes spoils whole life,so never take any decision when you are when we are angry decision taken are most of the times wrong as MR.BRAIN stops thinking logically and starts thinking aggressively.It is so embarrassing when people poke you out with phrases like RED CHILLI or ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN/ better step ahead and take the courage of overcome this there are few simple ways to combat anger..

  1. start counting.....

This is something very easy to try out...when you are overpowered  by the ghost of anger,simply start counting 1,2,3......77..88...100...before you act and tell MR.BRAIN to calm down.This trick really works as this divert your mind from the next time when you get angry start counting.

< start counting....>
start counting.

   2.   Cold!Cold!...........

Research have showed that cold water(ice cold) lowers anger,so make it a point when you get angry directly go to the refrigerator for cold water or put your head into the ice compartment(oopss...lamest joke..please don't do that),simply have 2-3 glasses of cold water at a stretch..this will lower down your anger and calm your NERVES...
<anger cooled by water>
Water cools anger

 3. Leave place of quarrel......

leave the place of quarrel immediately and give yourself 'ME' time,by doing whatever you feel like...singing,dancing,cooking,reading,writing..whatsoever makes you happy and brings a cheerful smile to your face.
leave place

 4. Mirror talk

This looks can i talk to mirror???well this really works..mirror is your best friend as you can talk out your when get angry stand in front of the mirror,and just look at yourself how scary you look when angry and talk to mirror,make some funny faces,this will tickle your funny bone.
<mirror talk>
mirror talk

5. Just relax...

Relax and take deep breadth,and signal to your brain to calm down and stay positive..just inhale and exhale by making pauses for few can also meditate..this relaxes the entire body.


Do you know in deficiency of some vitamins also causes enhance the intake of calcium and magnesium in your diet as these calm you down...

so,it's not really a tough job as,anything can be achieved when tried out.stay optimistic and say goodbye to anger..hope this will help you out...

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  1. Great tips! I will have to remember these next time I get frustrated, which is a lot! :)

    <3 Shannon