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Do you know about this??Have you ever listened this name before??If No don't worry I will tell you what kiwano is all about.This is a fruit found mainly in Africa and is rich with nutrients.It is also known as horned melon,African cucumber and cucumis metuliferus . Now you must be thinking why is this called horned melon??Does it have horns..Oh no,actually it have tiny spikes on its outer skin so it is known as horned melon. Kiwano is golden orange when gets fully ripped and this ornamental and edible fruit is 3000 years old,though it is less popular.It taste similar to zucchinis and cucumber.It have jelly like seeds in it which contains lenoleic acid.It is full of vitamins and minerals.It contains sodium,potassium,calcium,Iron and lot more.Now coming to health benefits of kiwano:


Are you tired of trying all other stuff.Go and grab kiwano. It is as a mixture of cucumber and melon so it contains 90% of water content.Which makes you feel fuller and also don't contain any fat so you can eat them without worrying about anything.Moreover after having this fruit you will feel full and don't feel like having anything else.So a positive way to keep a check on your diet.


Kiwano is a good option if you are thinking about muscular strength.As these are highly rich in potassium so it will help you to gain muscular strength.This helps in promoting muscular strength and making your cardiac muscles to work more effectively.This also helps to strengthen bones as potassium helps in absorbing calcium more effectively in body.


Kiwano is rich in anti-oxidants like y-tocopherol and a-tocopherol. Cancer is caused due to free radicals and damage cells in the body.This fruit is rich with vitamin E and Vitamin A and also beta-carotene.Which all helps in fighting free radicals and make you more healthy.So make it a point to include this magic fruit in your diet.


We have read in our junior classes that vitamin A wonderful treat which you can give to your eyes.This helps in improving your eye health and fruit is rich of vitamin A.This fruit also cures night blindness.So if you want to improve you vision have more of vitamin A enriched fruits.This relax and soothes our eyes.


A healthy immune system can fight any problem and make disease bye-bye.This consist of all essential vitamins and minerals for immune system to work up accurately.It is high in vitamin C and the antioxidants and other vitamins makes your immune system more healthier and give you resistance to fight all diseases.As a weak immune system catches more easily.If you are suffering from TB or HIV make sure to eat Kiwano everyday.


Sun strokes are very common in country's with a very high temperature.It leads to draining out of excessive salts from the body.This salt balance can be retained up with the help of the kiwano as they have sodium in them and also great amount of water to keep you away from heat strokes.


This improves stomach health with proper digestion of food.If you have problems like acid stomach,constipation,stomach ulcers.This helps in getting improve your stomach health and keeps you away from all of these problems.


If you want a flawless skin and get rid of acne and blemishes try out a face pack of Kiwano.It's skin is highly rich in vitamin C and will make skin look young and more clear.As vitamin C is citric and citric things provide glow to the skin.For having glow to your face add this to your diet.


If you are suffering from anxiety or stress from a long time,Try having Kiwano. This regulates the stress hormone adrenaline and makes you feel better.It is considered as powerful stress buster and ensures a good mental health.


If you want to make your brain more sharp include kiwano in your meal.These have sodium in them and it is scientifically proved that sodium is good for sharpening of the brain.You can also have kiwano by sprinkling some extra salt on your kiwano for better performance.


This fruit is very good for people who suffer from diabetes.This have right amount of nutrition and content for making your meal a balance.This taste similar to like a combination of bananas,zucchinis,melon.It is a rich source of magnesium that helps in regulating body sugar levels.Moreover it don't make cholesterol.


As said earlier,Kiwano is low in cholesterol and its seed have lenoleic acid which is have unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid.It also have oleic acid which is mono saturated.So it is very good for a healthy heart and make cardiac muscles more strong and healthy.


So if you love having long long hair or you are loosing your hair everyday,Have kiwano in your diet.The best is o have it with carrots and it works amazing.

So what are you waiting for.Go straight to the market and have this nutritional fruit in your diet.Most people gets confused how to eat it.Just grab a piece and cut it horizontally or vertically or any shape you love.Take out the inner flesh and throw away the skin of the fruit.Add salt or sugar on top of it and have it as salad or make a smoothie out of it.

A simple smoothie to try with kiwano
  • mango-1
  • banana-1
  • yogurt-as much you like
  • grapes-half bunch
  • kiwano-1
  • honey-1 tbsp
put all these ingredients in mixture and then just blend blend..and your kiwano smoothie is ready.

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