Wednesday, 11 June 2014



Hello everyone
I always get this wildest dream that one day my eyelashes will fall out.This is the scariest thing which can ever going to happen.what do you think guys did you ever thought about it..???Eyelashes are the main attraction of our eyes and long eyelashes enhances the beauty of eyes..Have you ever noticed that if mascara is not taken off carefully lot of eyelashes fall into our hands.That happens most of the time when we get so much tired and don't remove the makeup properly.So if you are having very tiny eyelashes,then you can think of getting under the knife and thinking of eyelashes transplant.

What Causes Falling Of Eye Lashes
There can be many reasons for this problem.Beside from genetic problems the reasons can be excessive use of false eyelashes(as it requires glue for fixing it and while removing it causes damage to your eyes)..So be aware and use false eyelashes only occasionally otherwise they can harm you. If eyelash curlers are also not used properly chances can be there of loosing of your eyelashes.Other reasons for excessive falling of eyelashes can be of ageing,thyroid,chemotherapy,stress,excessive rubbing of eyes.
Even mascara harms your eyes so make sure to use best quality mascara and it should not be used for more than 3 months,replace it with new one.Some people have allergies from the chemicals from the mascara.So be careful if you see any symptoms.

How The Eyelashes Transplant Carried Out
This is carried out by a cosmetic surgeon,to give you long and thick eye lashes.One eye requires 60-70 strands of hair for making eyelashes and part of the back of the patients head is made numb with anesthesia and hair from there are used for getting you perfect eyelashes for the most of the time.Even hairs from back of the ear or from other parts of the body can also be used.The whole procedure requires 2-3 hours and new eyelashes are grafted with a special needle.

What Care Should Be Taken After That
After Eyelash transplant your eyelashes start growing like before and provide a voluminous looks to your eyes.But these need often trimming  and  curling as the hair are taken from the back of the scalp where they have a more tendency to grow,otherwise they will look bushy.

Will They look Natural
yes of course they will look natural and no one can ever judge that you had undergone eyelash Implant,If the entire procedure is done correctly and the new hairs are grafted at right angles.

So if you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes and shell out few thousands consult cosmetic surgeon.what do you think guys should we go for eyelash transplant???What are your views on it??