Friday, 30 May 2014

Summer recipe for skin

how are you all??..mine is not too good with such a hot weather(mercury is soaring high to 44 degrees)..Any normal person would almost faint with such a hot temperature...whenever i goes out my skin gets tanned,face get all over red rashes and makes me look like a today i have come to the rescue of all the problems by giving cooling(thanda...thanda....) effect to my skin and protect it from this harsh weather of India....yes...i am talking about mint leaves.many of us make mint chutney to please our appetite,but today we will be making mint cubes for pleasing our skin and that to get rid of all summer problems..but before that let me tell you some benefits of mint..
<mint leaves>
mint leaves

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Our planet (EARTH) have millions and zillions of fruits,vegetables,trees,shrubs and lots more. It's a wise saying for "a healthy body eat healthy".But sometimes I feel we never ever eat healthy..all the time munching and eating JUNK FOOD is our second life(OMG)...but CHILL!CHILL! time whenever you go for any ITALIAN,MEXICAN,INDIAN,CHINESE cuisine' can signal your BRAIN nerves..OH YES!...i am eating healthy...:-)..There are so many disease's but one disease which is most widely talked and half of the population is getting effected by cancer....we have its medicine in our nature lets start :

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Purcellin Bio Oil Review

By simran 
Hello beauties,
 This is my first ever blog.i am so excited to write,share...yippy.... Hope you all love it... J...Are you facing problem of scars from pimples or that ugly chicken pox marks...uhhhh)????Or the most common problem of stretch marks???I had them on my knees. So I always get conscious whenever I go for trendy short wear. They look so weird and whole look gets smashed up (huhh)…but finally this product came to rescue my problems...Yes! Yes! I am talking about bio oil from purcellin...These oils are trending these days. So finally i gave it a try...i am using it ardently for 3 months... This  product  does  wonders  if  you  are  suffering  from  the  problem  of  stretch  marks, scars, uneven  skin tone, ageing  skin.
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