Monday, 30 June 2014


Tuberculosis is one of the world deadliest and 1/3 of the population is suffering from this major disease, a disease which gets from one person to another.Nearly there are 5-6 million cases of TB every year around the globe and half of the people dies due to lack of proper treatment.People with weak immune system are more vulnerable to this highly dreaded disease.
So today I am writing about what diet should those people have to make their immune system more strong who are diagnosed with TB,and for other people this will help them staying away from Tuberculosis.So Diet in Tuberculosis should consist of the following:

The tuberculosis patient should take diet highly rich in vitamin B12 .The following foods are highly rich in vitamin B12

  1. MEAT

 Though the meat of different animals is available in market.But Red meat is highly rich in vitamin B12. The meat of cow,horses,sheep,duck is considered red and chicken meat is considered white.Red meat also contains lipoic acid which is a powerful antioxidant.But before taking meat of any mammal make sure it is properly washed and cooked.As consuming meat in raw form makes you more prone to diseases.

     2.  EGG

 Eggs are highly rich source of proteins.They boost up your immune system and even proteins are known as building blocks of body.So they help in repairing wear and tear of body tissues and help you in recovering fast.So in your daily diet include 1-2 eggs daily.They gives best benefit when consumed half boiled.

    3.  FISH

If you are an ardent fish eater,you should know how beneficial is its for you health.Fish can be of different types smoked fish,Tuna,canned sardines,Trout.These are rich in vitamins and nutrients especially Vitamin B12. Try having it in your diet daily for instant recovery.


This is a healthy option to include in the breakfast,snacks and you have great options to make a choice.This food fortification add nutrients to the food.So this is a healthy option to include in your diet.


Though TB patients should have a all types of vegetables.You can include spinach,beans,drumsticks,broccoli,carrots as these foods are rich in nutrients.Try eating all leafy vegetables and make sure vegetables are fresh.


Oranges and guava are the best fruit you can have in your diet as they are high in vitamin C.This vitamin C helps in building immunity of the body and your resistance against disease become more strong. Even pineapple and gooseberries are a good option to have.


These are must have in your diet.All diary products milk,cheese,soya milk,yogurt are the few options to have from dairy products.A person who is suffering from deadly disease should have 2 glasses of milk and 1 cup of yogurt daily as this will ensure adequate intake of vitamin D and calcium.This will boost up your immune system.


  • Make sure your diet is rich in vitamin B6,B12,vitamin C and vitamin D iron,zinc,calcium.
  • wash fruit and vegetables properly.Best way to wash them is put them in a large utensil and put 1-2 drops of vinegar in water and keep the tap running.After washing them for 5 minutes and dry them.
  • Do not eat raw meat,poultry and fish as this contains bacteria which is injurious to health.
  • Try to do exercise for healthy lungs and make them more strong
  • Do Brisk walk for 30 minutes.
  • Alcohol should be avoided.


  1. Its a good article building the immune system is a major factor to fight diseases and prevent it.

  2. Really helpful aunt is suffering from it..will tell this diet to her.

  3. Great diet tips all in moderation will work.

  4. Sad but true. Like they say, health is wealth. This is a great source of nutriebts to help fight the disease. Thank you!

  5. Very interesting, dear!

  6. Very informative post dear :)