Monday, 30 June 2014


Tuberculosis is one of the world deadliest and 1/3 of the population is suffering from this major disease, a disease which gets from one person to another.Nearly there are 5-6 million cases of TB every year around the globe and half of the people dies due to lack of proper treatment.People with weak immune system are more vulnerable to this highly dreaded disease.
So today I am writing about what diet should those people have to make their immune system more strong who are diagnosed with TB,and for other people this will help them staying away from Tuberculosis.So Diet in Tuberculosis should consist of the following:

The tuberculosis patient should take diet highly rich in vitamin B12 .The following foods are highly rich in vitamin B12

Friday, 27 June 2014


Does you hands need attention??Do you want to make your hands more pretty??Does you feel like hiding them when when going out??Few days back I was looking for a hand cream which can answer to all these question.I don't have very beautiful hands so i wanted a hand cream which can change my hands texture and give a refreshing feel to the skin.So at the right time I discovered loccitane hand cream,A cream which you can trust.

What loccitane says about it

Enriched with 20% Shea Butter, this super-creamy balm penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize hands. Honey, almond extracts and coconut oil are blended with Shea Butter to create this extremely effective formula. The rich texture leaves hands soft and smooth with no oily traces, and can be applied as often as needed.

Considered a “beauty must-have” by many, this “life-changing” hand cream is essential for home, work and on-the-go.One of our best-selling Shea Butter Hand Creams is sold every three seconds around the world!

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Are you the one who is worried about your weight???Does it happen that your favorite dress gets shrink every single day???Does everyone stops you from eating whenever you are having your favorite food by saying"you will burst one day".Do your friends tease you because of your weight???If answer to all this questions is yes then you need to change your habits for getting perfect curvy figure.All what you eat,you do is reflected by your body.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Hey everyone
I love doing online shopping.It is so much easy and time saving.I shop for clothes,jewellery,coupons and every girly stuff.But few days back I was talking to my myself,"wish,there would be a online shopping website for shawls and scarfs",and a magic happens and  my wish was granted and came out the new gem . A one stop shopping portal for all elegant and graceful shawls and scarfs.Scarfs are the single accessory which are girls best friends.They can very well add a chic look to your outfit,covers your head from scorching heat and also we girls love to cover our faces too,so they give us a trendy look even when our faces are cover with it. caters to the needs of both men and women,highly classic designs in more then 20 fabrics(cotton,pashmina,cashmere,silk,fine wool,cotton wool and a lot more).All stoles are in vibrant colors and high end designs.The website have all sorts of styles,plain,jamawar,funky, name any and it is available there.

Monday, 23 June 2014


Avocado is the fruit you would love to eat.The avocado tree is generally found in Mexico and Native America.It is a big oval shaped fruit,resembling to a berry with a single seed in it.The fruit is famous from time of Aztecs and is also known as Alligator pear.The fruit do not ripe on the tree and gets ripe when taken off the tree.So with a brief description some Avocado health benefits are:

Friday, 20 June 2014


Hey everyone
Are you The body shop lover?If yes then you must be knowing about TBS satsuma range..It is amazing.In summers I was looking for a perfume which can give me instant freshness and have a fruity smell.Then what can be better of The body shop satsuma range.The range gives a citric fragrance which is so refreshing.

Thursday, 19 June 2014



The fashion industry tends to get a bad reputation, being labeled as frivolous, unnecessary and dangerous to the ‘inner beauty’ concept. There is also the idea that there are certain ‘rules’ that all fashionistas must hold sacred. But rules are meant to be broken. Here are 20 myths about how to be fashionable and the fashion industry in general that are simply not true.

1. You can’t mix patterns – While this is not wholly untrue, it depends on how you pair them. If you’re going to mix patterns, pick sober colors that don’t contrast. The trick is to make sure that the patterns are the only things that stand out.

2. Wearing white-on-white is the drabbest outfit you could think of – One word: ACCESSORIZE. Wear big chunky jewellery, or perhaps a pair of bright feather earrings. Wearing white is classy and simple and your accessories simply add a splash of color to an otherwise complete outfit. Make sure that, it you are wearing two white pieces together, they are of the same shade.

3. Navy blue and black just don’t go together – Everything matches with black! However, navy blue and black work better when you add another color to the mix. For example, pairing a blue blazer with a white shirt and black trousers. You could also opt for brighter, bolder blues such as cobalt and sky blue.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Last night when getting ready for the party you looked so gorgeous that you was the MISS ATTRACTION of the party.You went to the bed smiling and for the whole night dreaming that you can compete for MISS WORLD.But hold on,you woke up in the morning,brushing your teeth and screams out when you look in the mirror and you spot them. Huge zits are popping out on your face and your good morning turns into a bad morning.Their goes brainstorming and you asking yourself "did my makeup broke me out"???

image source

what is a acne cosmetica??

Acne are caused by highly active oil glands in skin.when the tiny pores of our skin get blocked they oozes out into zits or acne.The research had shown their is a link between the cosmetics and acne,as the products which are comedogenic and are non-oil free makes the sebaceous(oil) glands to secrete more oil and result in clogging of pores.But don't mistake acne caused by other factors with acne due to cosmetics.Acne cosmetica usually appears as rashes,small bumps on cheeks,neck,forehead or at any place where you applied makeup.

Monday, 16 June 2014


Aloe Vera
In last week I didn't wrote anything about health.So I came up with a thought what can be better then health benefits Aloe Vera( as I consider it a little magician in nature's lap).This plant is a semi tropical, looks like a cactus though belong to tree lily family,which is used by Europeans and native Americans for almost 6,000 years.Now you can very well imagine how great this plant is.For ages this medicinal plant is misunderstood that it only heal burns only.But NO it does a lot more then that.It is a thick green plant,very short in height almost 2-4 inches.It have slightly tapered,shinny leaves.It is is only source of vitamin B12 which is required for nervous system and brain.It contains a thick gel inside it.Now coming to various benefits of Aloe Vera.

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Hey everyone,
Today I am here with a very simple DIY task..guys does it happen with you that your eye shadow falls accidentally from your hand and the whole product comes out of it.This happened with me yesterday and all eye shadow palette broken up..:-( I thought of why to waste it ,let it be a nail paint and I should give some feast to my nails.yes I am right..let me tell you how...
 STEP 1:
you need a broken eye shadow(any color of your choice) and a clear(transparent) nail polish.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hii everyone
Today I am again reviewing different Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail paint.If you are a big fan of purplish pink color then you should try this out.It gives instant brightness to your hands and have very good staying power.It stays for 3-4 days without any chipping off.This nail paint provides the glossy finish and have zero shimmer in it.Don't have much to say about it.Check out the images..
Stay blessed.
<sally hansen flame on>

Wednesday, 11 June 2014



Hello everyone
I always get this wildest dream that one day my eyelashes will fall out.This is the scariest thing which can ever going to happen.what do you think guys did you ever thought about it..???Eyelashes are the main attraction of our eyes and long eyelashes enhances the beauty of eyes..Have you ever noticed that if mascara is not taken off carefully lot of eyelashes fall into our hands.That happens most of the time when we get so much tired and don't remove the makeup properly.So if you are having very tiny eyelashes,then you can think of getting under the knife and thinking of eyelashes transplant.

Monday, 9 June 2014


hello everyone
How are you all doing and how this soaring mercury treating you..??? I have managed to do a quick sneak peak into latest footwear trends which I wish to add to my shoe rack this summers.Here is the quick look-

1. Christian Louboutin

christian Louboutin is a french footwear designer and every girls dies about his design and his mesmerizing work.Though my pocket don't allow me to buy this designer heels but still everyone can dream (loll).These colorful heels can make you show stopper of the party and goes with every dress.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


With  so much happening in the beauty industry the new thing to try out is lippie in BLUE,BLACK and YELLOW..Are you shocked????Who gonna wear such stupid shades..This was the question I asked myself when I looked at these lipsticks.These are lipsticks to enhance your look(umm...can i say that?),and are very bold colors to carry on.(So bold that if wearing these you go for shopping people will twist their necks to complete 180 degree).So bringing in the new fashion statement from NYX (Macaroon lippies),so NYX is a baby to experiment with these bold shades.These are just priced at $6 (pretty affordable)
NYX macaroon lipstick shades

I have also sorted out few celebrities who made their style by carrying such bold colors.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Flaunt Your Knees In Summers-Remove Tan And Dirt From Knees

Summers are in and it's a high time to get ready for beautiful knees to hug yourself with beautiful dresses.In winters our skin gets filthy and it's time to show some love for your body,show your skin in your favorite dress.Here are the handy home remedies which can help you in getting away all the tan and dirt off your knees and make them flawless.

  1. Lemon
lemon's are the little magician's that get away with all the tan of your body have.This are rich anti-oxidant's and act as a natural bleaching agent to your skin.By using lemon we can get off dead cells from our skin and helps in removing blackness and dirt from the body.cut lemon into 2 pieces and squeeze out it's juices.Now with the help of the cotton apply juice all over the knees and gently scrub it for 10 minutes.You can also use lemon pulp as a scrubber,it gives excellent cleaning effect.moisturize your knees with petroleum jelly and this will leave your knees soft and supple. Repeat it every second day to get desired results.
caution: If you have have any bruises on knees don't apply lemon as it give burning feeling.Don't go out in the sun when you have applied this and make sure you are wearing loose clothes so that it don't touches with your clothes.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine-Vanity Flare Swatches And Review

<sally hansen>

If you like Brinjal and match your nail paint with your food,then this new range from Sally Hansen is a go for you.People match nail paints with their dresses but just imagine,holding a mango(my all time favorite) and your nails polished yellow,red for the apples,green for the grapes and you will look like a poser who is seducing fruits"come on baby,I am gonna eat you" Hahaha. That sounds silly.Now coming to Sally Hansen Triple Shine Collection it is available in 29 shades to choose for.I went for vanity flare which is a purple-violet sort of a color.

Monday, 2 June 2014

MAC Crème sheen Night to Remember Lipstick

Hi everyone

 I am a die hard fan of red color. I love anything red and my lust for red lipsticks is never ending. This is one of my favorite from MAC .This lipstick is part of MAC holiday collection 2013, and it comes in MAC stroke midnight lip and cheek bag. With this I got a wonderful MAC black and white travel friendly makeup pouch, with golden detailing. This is a limited edition product.The bag consists of:

·         Travel sized blush(margin peach)
·         Small mirror
·         MAC creme sheen lipstick
·         MAC pure sophistication lip gloss
·         #129 travel sized brush

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Hello everyone,

Anger  management
Today i thought of writing about anger...i think everyone of us goes through it at some point of our lives..when people gets angry they get so impulsive that broken glasses,smashing up of doors(with ah bumpp sound),running tears through rosy cheeks,yelling out unapologetic words,bleeding nose,severe headaches(as someone is cracking your head with a hammer) are the some of the ways in which anger can be described..ANGER is a DEVIL which sometimes spoils whole life,so never take any decision when you are when we are angry decision taken are most of the times wrong as MR.BRAIN stops thinking logically and starts thinking aggressively.It is so embarrassing when people poke you out with phrases like RED CHILLI or ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN/ better step ahead and take the courage of overcome this there are few simple ways to combat anger..