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Does your vagina smell really funky..Those odd smells which can turn you off any movement and you feel stinky.Sometimes it smells like a fish,that's the most common complaint of all girls,either right after sex or when menstruating.So don't worry just try these simple home remedies which can make you get rid of this smell and make you feel nice and comfortable.So these are the few home remedies to treat vaginal odor:


This is very easily and common available ingredient and vinegar helps in maintaining the PH balance of the vagina.Instead of white vinegar apple cider vinegar is more better and some people go for douching though it is not recommendable,as it pushes the bacteria inside the vagina.The best way is take lukewarm water and few drops of apple cedar vinegar and have a bath with it.In emergency vinegar is not available you can use lemons by simply squeezing 3-4 of them in the water. 


This is the cheapest option.You need to have a chlorophyll and put few drops of it in water.Also hydrogen peroxide can be used which is widely available and works best for treating bacteria and fungus.Just put few drops in water and take bath with it.Doing it for few days make you smell nice.


Some people smells bad due to excessive sweating and this leads to growth of bacteria.Though the market is flooded with lot of powder to stop precipitating,but still if that don't works for you take cornstarch and rub it in your vagina as this will soak the excessive moisture and feel you better.Instead of white cornstarch go for brown cornstarch.


 This is known for its properties and to maintain the PH balance.Your vagina will love the yogurt bacteria and try to have this daily in your diet.You can also take yogurt and have a gentle vaginal wash with this.This will get you rid of the funky smell and make you smell better.


Garlic is a marvelous edible bulb belonging to lilly family.This has anti-fungal properties and make you love your body.With so many amazing health benefits of garlic this also helps in treating odd vagina odor.All you need to do is take garlic clove and boil it in water.Then use that water to wash your vagina with this.Doing this for 2-3 times a day make you get rid of the smell.


Most women love this for its properties and this helps in treating fishy smell also.This is very easily available and all you need to do is,have a regular consumption of these seeds as it will help in hormonal balance and make your PH level balanced.Soak few fenugreek seeds in water and early morning drink this water on empty stomach.Make sure you don't have enough of it as fenugreek seeds also upsets your stomach,so do it carefully.


I known how much you love your silk and satin underwear's,but they cause itchiness and rashes on the skin.Moreover bacteria grows faster and it is always advisable to go for cotton underwear's. .Always change your underwear after 12 hours and frequently change your sanitary pads and tampons too.whenever washing your lingerie wash in lukewarm water with antiseptic(like dettol) .


This is easily available in India,also known as Amla.Just add these to you diet or you can boil them in water and then use them for bathing.This helps in treating the odor and make you smell nice.You can also have cranberries in your diet as they also help in treating the odor.As this is rich in vitamin C,so helps to fight fungus and bacteria.Try other citric fruits also.


This is mainly used in cakes,but who knows this can also get you rid of the vaginal odor.All you need to this make a paste of it with water and wash your vagina with this.This helps in balancing the PH and kills the bacteria.So for instant effect try this out.


Water is best remedy for all problems.This helps in getting toxins out of your body and keeps your body hydrated. At least have 7-8 glasses of water daily and this will keep your body hydrated.Don't drink more than this water as this will make kidneys to work more.


These are known from ancient times and have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.Neem water also purifies the blood.Take few Neem leaves and boil it in water.Then use this water for bathing.This will not only get you rid of the smell but will also make your skin clear and will say goodbye to all acne.


This is known for its amazing smelling power and people love to have elachi tea.All you have to do is just take few of it and boil in water.Then use that water for washing your vagina and this will make you smell amazing.


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