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The fashion industry tends to get a bad reputation, being labeled as frivolous, unnecessary and dangerous to the ‘inner beauty’ concept. There is also the idea that there are certain ‘rules’ that all fashionistas must hold sacred. But rules are meant to be broken. Here are 20 myths about how to be fashionable and the fashion industry in general that are simply not true.

1. You can’t mix patterns – While this is not wholly untrue, it depends on how you pair them. If you’re going to mix patterns, pick sober colors that don’t contrast. The trick is to make sure that the patterns are the only things that stand out.

2. Wearing white-on-white is the drabbest outfit you could think of – One word: ACCESSORIZE. Wear big chunky jewellery, or perhaps a pair of bright feather earrings. Wearing white is classy and simple and your accessories simply add a splash of color to an otherwise complete outfit. Make sure that, it you are wearing two white pieces together, they are of the same shade.

3. Navy blue and black just don’t go together – Everything matches with black! However, navy blue and black work better when you add another color to the mix. For example, pairing a blue blazer with a white shirt and black trousers. You could also opt for brighter, bolder blues such as cobalt and sky blue.

4. It’s either gold or silver, you can’t have it both ways – So if you wear a gold wedding band, are you doomed never to wear silver again? Not at all. Mix it up with a combination of gold and silver bangles, or several chains made from both metals. Make sure, of course, that the chains are of the same size. There are also several pieces made from combinations of the two metals.

5. You have to match your dress to your heels - Who has the time (and money) for that? Go crazy! If you find the idea a bit too risque, however, you could invest in a self colored bag that is black, white or another basic color. This way, it will not contrast with your heels.


6. Horizontal stripes make you look heavier than you are – A psychologist from the University of New York studying perception actually found that people perceive those wearing horizontal stripes to be thinner than they are. Stripes in any direction do, however, draw attention to the area where they’re worn. Minimize this effect by pairing it with a self-colored blazer or cardigan.

7. Sequins are not for daily wear – A dress bathed in sequins may be a bit too much for day wear. But a little sequins embroidery, around the neckline for example, can add a little zest to an otherwise boring top.

8. Tall women can’t wear heels – That’s just a bit biased. Wear whatever you want. Remember, it’s not about what you wear. It’s about how you wear it.


9. Short people can’t wear long dresses or skirts – It won’t make you look any taller, but it is still a sophisticated, or alternately, funky look. As long as you are comfortable with yourself, it really doesn't matter. If you do want to add the illusion of height to your ensemble, wear a dress with a funky banding above or below the waist. This breaks the eye. You could also try tying your hair up to make your neck look longer.

10. Too many bold colors ruin an outfit – An unexpected color combination can go a long way. And with vintage clothes coming back in style, bold is the new beautiful. If you’re a little reluctant of getting on board with this fashion statement, try adding splashes of color with accessories: flaming red heels and neon green bags.

11. People with big chest can’t wear prints – As fashion guru Burton states, “prints are a great camouflage, because the eyes see the lovely print, not the area you’re trying to cover up”. Wear outfit with big, bold prints as these will suit you better.

12. Tights are not for pear-shaped body types – If you've got the legs, show them off. If you’re feeling self-conscious, pair them with a short kurta or a long, flowing top.

13. Pink and red together is a fashion don’t – While the combination is eye popping, and not necessarily in a good way, it doesn't mean you have to write it off. A dark maroon with baby pink, for example looks quite good.

14. Never wear denim with denim – In a sense this is true. You do tend to look like you escaped from a rodeo. But if you pair dark denim with a light one, or better yet denims of different colors, it actually looks quite good.

15. Belts and baby bumps don’t make for a happy mamma – Wearing the belt above your bump can actually break the eye, having a slimming effect. Wearing long, flowing clothing accentuated by a belt is quite flattering.


16. Wearing black-on-black has a slimming effect – No. It makes you look like you’re about to attend a funeral. It also hides your shape, making you look like a big blob. If you are contemplating an all-black outfit, spice it up with a bright blazer or jewellery.

17. Stockings with open toe shoes look tacky – In a sense, yes. But patterned stockings actually look quite funky in a pair of open toed flats.

18. No minis after 35 – If you have the guts, flaunt them. Age is not a limiting factor when it comes to wearing minis. If you have the body and confidence to pull it off, go for it!

19. Skinny jeans are not for curvy women – Show off your figure: all of it. Curves are in and if you have them, flaunt them.

20. Fashion is about what everyone else is wearing – Fashion is about expressing yourself: your personality and tastes. While fashion moguls do offer guiding principles, they are not the be all and end all of fashion. As long as you’re comfortable with what you wear, it may be considered fashion.

Debunking the myths of fashion allows you to be experimental and wear what your heart says and make it a fashion statement. Get the right clothes bags and accessories are at times a humongous task. Online shopping has mitigated it a bit with their array of choices and discounts. Amazon, Jabong , Zovi, Myntra and others give the best deals and discounts for the fashion lovers among us.

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  1. Such an amazing post I really didn't know all of this!

  2. Great post! I totally agree with 4 and 5. Mix metals anytime girls and boys! Also, you're right, who has money to always match dresses and shoes, especially if it's in a crazy color like turquoise! It's just not practical!

    Jen xx