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Purcellin Bio Oil Review

By simran 
Hello beauties,
 This is my first ever blog.i am so excited to write,share...yippy.... Hope you all love it... J...Are you facing problem of scars from pimples or that ugly chicken pox marks...uhhhh)????Or the most common problem of stretch marks???I had them on my knees. So I always get conscious whenever I go for trendy short wear. They look so weird and whole look gets smashed up (huhh)…but finally this product came to rescue my problems...Yes! Yes! I am talking about bio oil from purcellin...These oils are trending these days. So finally i gave it a try...i am using it ardently for 3 months... This  product  does  wonders  if  you  are  suffering  from  the  problem  of  stretch  marks, scars, uneven  skin tone, ageing  skin.
<bio oil>

Ingredients:  these are not mention on the product but since its bio oil it contains all natural ingredients….so no need to worry about that J

Quantity:  60 ml

Price:   Rs 425 from here

Available in 3 quantities: 60ml, 125 ml, 200ml

My Experience

What product claims?
Bio  oil  contains  the   purcellin  oil  which  is  a  breakthrough  ingredient ,effective  for  stretch  marks, scars , ageing skin  and  uneven  skin tone.  The bio – oil is combination of plant extract and vitamins. It works for all types of skins. It is also non-comedogenic.

It is light orange in color and non-greasy. The oil gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. The fragrance of oil is lovely, so no irritation problem with that, how much sensitive nose you have. The  bottle  is  made  up  of  plastic  so  no  tension  of  breakage. Its   top cap is of white color and bottle is transparent.  So it’s easy to check the quantity of oil in it.
My take on it
 This product is doing  wonders for me. My skin got two main problems...One was of the uneven skin tone and the other was of the stretch marks on the knees...Due to excessive exposure to UV radiations my skin got uneven but with use of this product it has improved a lot..And for stretch marks also it increases the elasticity of the skin and repairs the old one and helps in preventing new one...Though it don’t remove stretch marks completely..Like I can say they have become lighter and 50% improved. Though it works slowly but its working. Even if you are having oily skin or a very sensitive skin you can apply it without any tension of breakouts. When applied on skin it feels light on it. This has to be applied thrice a day in circular motion for first few months (2-3).after that you can reduce its use to once a day...i thought it will work as a magic wand and all my stretch marks will get choomantar…loll..But that didn't happen...But still it works to great extent but a bit slower...But never mind as we know” slow n steady wins the race”..Hahaha....
applied on hand

absorbed by the skin

1.      It  is  non  greasy
2.      It  feels  light  on  skin
3.      It  is  suitable  for  all  types  of  skin
4.      Worth it  price
5.      3-4  drops  covers  the  entire  skin
6.      Gets absorb quickly
7.      Regular use provide best results
8.      60 ml bottle goes for 2 month
9.      Makes scars and stretch marks lighter


The only con is it works slowly n doesn’t do instant choomantar…loll...

Will I Repurchase:  yes…this product is worth its has given me the confidence to wear my western n show my knees without worrying about stretch marks.

Rating: 4/5

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