Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hello all
These days I am very much particular about my skin care regime.So trying out all ingredients which are easily available in home,isn't it great..:-)..yes I am talking about a very common ingredient without which all our lotions and potions are impossible to make.Yes I am talking about GLYCERIN.This is a colorless and odorless liquid with a really high boiling point(oops chemistry).But this is sweet in taste as when I apply it on my face,accidentally I lick it sometimes so I knows the taste.Anyways it’s enough of pampering around about the glycerin now comes the real part and let me know you  the amazing benefits of glycerin.


Glycerin have amazing moisturizing properties,that’s why it is used in so many cosmetics.If you hate your skin for being excessive dry and are so lazy to gulp up 5-6 glasses of water everyday for skin hydration,so here comes the shortcut.Simply take some glycerin and mix it with Vaseline and apply it on your face before going to bed.Now in the morning wash it off and you will get a lovely moisturized skin.But please you have to bear the stickiness of glycerin,it gets inconvenient to sleep with it on your face.But beautiful face needs few efforts.


I have seen lot of people complaining in summers that sweating in summers make their feet stinky,specially I have noticed my brother socks,they smell yuck in summers due to excessive sweating.So a simple trick that really works is before wearing your socks take some glycerin and give a nice massage to your foot with it.This will solve the problem and make your feet sweat free.


Whatever skin type you are having glycerin works best with the all skin types.If you are suffering from acute acne then don't try this trick,but with mild acne this goes very well.Take glycerin and mix it with few drops of lemon.Then before going to bed apply it on your face and after 30-40 minutes wash your face with simple water and you will get a radiant glowing skin after few days.This is what your skin is waiting for.Do not use glycerin for a long time as it will make your skin excessively hydrated.


I am sure nobody loves face with scratches and marks.If you are tired of trying endless products,creams in the market why not give glycerin a try.Simply take a cotton pad and dab glycerin over the spots and this will boost up the mechanism and make your skin to repair damage cells and tissues.

A word of caution which always keep in mind with glycerin is never use it as it is.Always use it in a dilute form.Either dilute it with simple water or rose water can also be very effective.

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