Friday, 15 August 2014


Since when Handsome hunk  Ranbir kapoor is popping on the television screen with Ask me -Baap of all apps advertisement,my mind was stumbling me to download this new baby oops Baap in the app world.The application is brain child of the Getit Infoservices pvt. Ltd,which is available on both android and IOS platform user as .All your queries are answered by this smart Baap in a very user friendly way.So now there is no need to stop a passing uncle or aunty on the road to enquire about your favorite restaurant,shops,local places or what ever comes to your mind.It is just a single click away on the search button and answers in front of you in few microseconds.

The app gives answer to all of your searches on a single platform,you don't have to switch platforms for different things,i.e the best part of the app.It is easily accessible from all mobile phones and works best in synchronization with the mobiles,so no need to wait to login your desktop pc or laptop.So whether you are moving on a sultry road or in a fully swarming zone,you always have answer for all your doubts.

If you are not sure what choice to make about certain place or product,you can go for the reviews on the app,which are written by other people ,So a better and best way to make smart choice.The app is in itself king of all apps.

It is very simple to use just click on the download button and within few seconds it gets installed.Now go to the search menu and type your query and with in a blink of your eye you get all the results as simple as that.If you are a lazy lad and hates typing you can go for voice service.Just say your question and you will get the response but this service is available for iPhone users and 4th generation iPod touch.The  can also be approached by typing ten times 4.

With app you can ask about the local places and markets near you,If you have any personal   question you can ask that too and get notification straight on your mobile phones.So by now enough of pampering around the app,you must be wondering what sort of questions I can ask,So here are the few examples:

1. What is the weather forecast for punjab today?
2. How can I make a chocolate cake?
3. Which movies are realising this week?
4. Where is the longest tunnel in the world?
5. Which is the most expensive hotel in India

So these are just examples.You can ask whatever you like and any thing whether if it is stupid(just kidding) comes to your mind just ask on app.So any question zone entertainment,weather,information,local search,places,general knowledge,DIY anything can be asked and the most best thing is the app is free of charge.No hidden sms or service charges.So what are you waiting guys, just grab your mobile phones and download it right now to enjoy this BAAP APP..



  1. Simran that is an interesting app... I'm trying to limit my use.. this does sound like a useful one ♡

  2. I shall download this app Simran

  3. i 'm installing it right will save so much space of my mobile :) lovely review..

  4. I wouldnt have given a thought of downloading it but this sounds cool :D thank you so much for the info :D

  5. Sounds really cool..everyone should try

  6. I have seen the ads on TV wud love to check this out :)

  7. This is quite an interesting App! Will check it out soon....Thanks for sharing Babe :)

  8. that sure is a superb app. Great post!